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Quality Tea is factory fresh. Our teas are packaged immediately after production, sealed air tight, and

shipped in the shortest time possible, all to preserve freshness.

Quality Tea is unblended. Our teas are never mixed with “filler” tea leaves from low country estates or that

of any other estate. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a supplier of single origin tea. We do not

compromise quality for cost.

Quality tea is naturally flavored. We are a true product of our environment, the surrounding hills of

Ujitawara and the Sinharaja rainforest supply our estates of green and black tea with very nutrient rich

ecology which allow for our tea plants to not only absorb nutrients and aroma from the earth but also from

the atmosphere. The result is all natural tea which smells as good as it tastes. Tea which when consumed

will take you to the very estate from which it came.

Quality Tea is healthy. We believe in living a healthy life. Our goal is to promote a healthier future for

generations to come through a simple cup of tea. The plant Camellia Sinensis (Tea Plant) is a plant which

has many health giving properties. It is a plant with the capability of not only soothing the senses but with

proper consumption blocking the initiation, promotion, and progression of several different types of cancer.

Quality Tea captures the true essence of the Camellia Sinensis (Tea Plant) and presents it to you in a

delicious cup of pure tea.